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Over the years, Maurer Productions has developed a strong creative team to help bring their productions to the stage. Volunteers with skills like carpentry, costuming, set design, puppetry and prop making work together to make each show possible. We grow and develop our skills by learning from each other as well as our peers; and we look for piglet headopportunities to share that knowledge with others. In this section of the website, we talk about the work we have done and the learning process that went along with it. We hope to share this knowledge with the rest of the theatre community. Since our charlie brown setcompany began, we have been documenting our work, from how we design and build our sets and props to how we attemped to solve the productions problems that come up every day in community theatre. We want this site to become a resource to help others. At the moment it is just our work on these pages, but if you have a tip, trick or helpfull idea you want to share let us know and we'll be happy to include it.


If you have any stagecraft tip or trick that you would like to share
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